Savings and Investments

Beartooth Savings Account

Our signature savings account, Beartooth Savings Account offers a competitive rate of interest while requiring a low $100.00 minimum balance to open the account. A $2.00 service charge applies for accounts falling below $200.00.

Silver Peak Savings Account

If you are 50 or better the Silver Peak Savings Account has no service charge, accrues interest on a tiered basis, and is a great compliment to our Silver Peak Checking.  This account requires a low minimum balance of $100.00 to open this account.

Bear Paw Savings Account

The Bear Paw Savings Account is tailored for our saving conscious customers under the age of 18. Bear Paw Savings Account has no service charges, requires no minimum balance and can be opened with a $10.00 minimum balance. A $2.00 service charge will start on birthdate, if under $200.00 minimum balance.

Coverdell Education Savings Account

Offering investment flexibility that will lower educational cost for elementary, secondary and college expenses.  No minimum balance, with an annual contribution limit.

Health Savings Account

$100.00 minimum to open account.  A $2.00 service charge applies for accounts falling below $200.00.

Montana Medical Savings Account

Montanans can save money for medical and long-term health care and reduce their state income taxes at the same time.  Contributions are limited. No minimum required.

Money Market Account

Our Money Market Account has rewarding features which include, tiered market rate of interest on average balance, and check images returned. Balances of $1,000.00 and greater avoid a service charge of $8.00 per month.

IRA Accounts

Beartooth Bank offers Fixed Rate IRA and Variable IRA Accounts with terms up to
60 months. Minimum balance and early withdrawal penalties apply. Inquire for details.

Certificates of Deposit

Beartooth Bank Certificates of Deposit offer you various terms with competitive rates. Your money, your interest, you decide the method of application. Some restrictions apply. Penalty for early withdrawal. Inquire for details. A minimum deposit of $500.00 is required.